Small flat rate box of mixed hot and superhot peppers

Mixed box of fresh peppers (SFRB, MFRB, LFRB)

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Small, medium, and large flat rate box of mixed mild, hot, and superhot fresh pepper pods.

(boxes will be heavy on the superhots) Free Shipping on SFRBs and MFRBs

I will include a range of different pepper pods from whatever is available at the time of order. They may include any mix of the following:

Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion


Yellow Ghost


Bhutlah Brown

Yellow Reaper

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Yellow

Fatali Yellow x Brain Strain

Sherwood's Carboruga Yellow

7 Pot Nebru

Nagabrains yellow

MK Yellow Trash

Bonda Mahala


Chocolate Ghost

Peach Ghost

CB7PY x Primo Chocolate


Bad Brains

Carolina Reaper

Chocolate Brain Strain

Red Trinidad Scorpion

Wiri Wiri

Yellow Scotch Brain


Naga Dorset

Peach Giant (Bryan Townshend)

Aji Lemon

Aji Charapita

Aji Chombo

Aji Colorado

Aji Golden

Aji Panca

Aji Dulce Yellow

Aji Mango

Aji Guyana

Hallow's Eve

Bahamian Goat

Pimenta Jolokia

7 Pot Primo Yellow

7 Pot Jonah

Teja Habanero

Peach Banestrain

California Reaper

Chocolate Umorok

Black Cobra

Peach Bhut x Golden Bhut

7 Pot Mustard

Red Bhut Jolokia

Tangerine TS


Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion

Sugar Rush Peach